MRAssistant-GRF workshop for professors and assistants of the Faculty of Graphic Arts in Zagreb

After the successful MRAssistant-GRF workshop delivered for students of Faculty Graphic Arts in Zagreb on June, 7th 2023, a was held for professors and assistants.

The workshop demonstrated the possibilities of using MRAssistant-GRF, a special version of the MRAssistent platform, to implement educational programs within the undergraduate and graduate student programs of the Faculty of Graphic Arts in Zagreb. The workshop was held in a modern multimedia laboratory of CITUS, emphasizing a special version of the MRAssistant-GRF platform.

All workshop participants could try out for themselves the management of virtual 3D objects in augmented/mixed reality, remote communication between two users, connecting to data from the IoT system, and supporting the training of people in remote locations.

During the workshop, an experiment was conducted in which professors and assistants from the Faculty of Graphic Arts in Zagreb added multimedia content that enriched the reproduction of the work of arts/artistic images, as well as the equipping of printed materials (books, scripts, posters, and manuals) and photographs with multimedia content using AR / MR technologies.