MrAssistant testing conducted in an operating environment

MRAssistant testing in KONČAR

In mid-November 2023, the field examination of the MRAssistant system in the operational environment was completed for the purpose of the implementation of the project “Software development for contextualization of the industrial environment using mixed reality in energy and transport, at the project: KK.01.2. 1.02.0296”.

The MRAssistant solution was tested in the KONČAR energy centre connected to the IoT network implemented by KONČAR Digital. The readings were done in real-time by connecting via a 5G network from mobile devices on which the MRAssistant mobile application is installed, connected through an API that is exposed through KONČAR Digital system MARS IoT HUB. The tests were conducted on “live systems” with real data, and employees of KONČAR Energy and Services, which manages these systems, gave helpful feedback, based on which, during the test itself, changes were made to the system configuration in real-time.