The project has been completed – the 2nd (experimental) phase has been completed

Completing the 2nd (experimental) phase of the IRI project KK. – Development of software for contextualizing the industrial environment using mixed reality in energy and transport, ended on 30 November 2023. the whole project.

During the third year, i.e. the experimental Phase 2 of the project, testing of the MRAssistant solution developed during the first two years, i.e. the industrial Phase 1 of the project, was conducted. The testing was carried out in the laboratories of the CITUS company and in the industrial environment of KONČAR Elektroindustrija in cooperation with the company KONČAR Digital, which enabled the connection via a programming interface (API) to their MARS IoT Hub system. Research was conducted in the field of energy and transport.

The project is jointly implemented by the company CITUS d.o.o. and the Faculty of Graphics of the University of Zagreb, and as part of the project, a special version of the MRAssistant-GRF solution was developed, adapted for use in the educational program of the Faculty of Graphics in Zagreb.

This project was realized as part of the public call Increasing the development of new products and services resulting from research and development activities – phase II.