Citus d.o.o.

More than 20 years

Development based on innovations

CITUS was established in 1999 and from its inception until today, it operates worldwide, and its development is based on its own innovations. CITUS is a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner with a large number of competencies specialised in consulting, the architecture of IT systems and the development and implementation of mobile and cloud IT solutions.

During the years, around the world, they have won more than 90 international awards for innovation in ICT (USA, UK, Canada, Russia, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Poland, Romania, Cyprus, Macao, Croatia, etc.) which they have turned into successful products such as BookMedia, Conference@Net, C@N Motion, C@N e-Motion, BodyMeasures, PersonRecog.

CITUS bases its work on of its own five patents in the field of ICT.

Citus solutions

Innovative solutions

CITUS creates products, solutions, and services according to wishes and needs of customers. CITUS solutions are innovative and built on the latest technologies. They are very easy to use for the end user, intuitive, with a touch free approach (no need for keyboard, mouse, or touch screen) – a gesture will do. The content can be viewed / managed through the glass (e.g., shop window), available 0-24 hours, hygienic, there is no equipment damage because the user is not in direct contact with the equipment, and provides great opportunities for interaction through gamification, avatar creation, etc.

Citus team

Highly educated professionals

CITUS comprises a multidisciplinary team of highly educated and certified professionals with an “out of the box” approach who do not accept NO for an answer. They lecture at various conferences. The employees are holders of the prestigious MVP title (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional), Microsoft Regional Director, as well as a number of industry certificates.

The subject of interest

VR/AR/MR technologies

The subject of interest and work in recent years are artificial intelligence (AI), VR / AR / MR technology (virtual reality VR), (augmented reality AR) and (mixed reality MR).

Founder and director of Citus

Tomislav Bronzin

Tomislav Bronzin

TOMISLAV BRONZIN founder and director of CITUS, innovator and visionary, head of development of this project.

Tomislav Bronzin together with his team, around the world, have won a number of the highest awards, gold, and platinum medals for ICT innovations.

He was involved in the development and implementation of the first mobile solutions on the Microsoft platform, and the development of the first cloud solutions based on Microsoft Azure, Office365 and Power Platform.

Tomislav has more than 20 years of experience in the profession. For 17 years in a row, he has held the honorary title of Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, and for 12 years he has been the Microsoft Regional Director.

As an author of numerous professional and scientific papers in the field of information technology, Tomislav writes especially about software design and development, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, innovation, project, and risk management, entrepreneurship/start-up development, etc. He is a regular lecturer at IT conferences, as well as a lecturer at the University of Algebra, and a mentor to many teams on various projects.

Furthermore, he serves as a mentor to many different teams on various projects. As one of the founders of the Microsoft Community in Croatia, he helped establish similar communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Armenia, and Moldova. He was a long-time member of the board of INETA Europe – International .NET Association. Tomislav is the Vice President of the IT Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Executive Board of HUP-ICT, and a member of the Thematic Innovation Council for Security within the Smart Specialization Strategy (S3) of the Republic of Croatia.