Expected project results

Development of software for contextualization of the industrial environment using mixed reality in energy and transport

VR/AR/MR technologies

Expected project results

The expected result of the project is an innovative software solution that enables connection with VR / AR / MR technologies intended for direct sales on the world market, and incorporation into other software products of the applicant, which will thus become market competitive. As there is no similar commercially available product in the world according to current knowledge, the proposed solution is extremely innovative and includes the following elements:

Software product

to manage virtual 3D objects in augmented / mixed reality .

Software library

which are using VR/AR/MR technologies to interact with real objects in the real world

User interface

and software tools, specifically developed for use in industrial applications

Publication of professional papers

from the field of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality in professional journals and publications

Curriculum improvement of the Faculty of Graphic Arts

by introducing VR/AR/MR technology into the teaching process

Laboratory equipment

and a trained team of the applicant's employees

Experimental development

Pilot project

With the completion of experimental development and successful implementation of pilot implementation projects with users, the application will be ready for implementation in the domestic market, and further commercialization procedures that precede sales on the world market. Future commercialization will mainly refer to the multilingualism of the application, the expansion of related technologies, harmonization with standards valid in other markets and the like.

Energy and sustainable environment

Contribution to the thematic areas of the S3 smart specialization strategy

The development of the application is primarily focused on the thematic area “Energy and Sustainable Environment”, the sub-thematic area “Energy Technologies, Systems and Equipment”. The contribution will be achieved by introducing a software solution that enables diagnostics and better management of energy equipment using modern VR / AR / MR technologies, and their connection with existing systems (SCADA, IoT, ERP / MRP).

The secondary S3 area for which the developed product will have a high level of preparedness is the “Traffic” area.
The software solution is also related to KET and ICT themes, primarily by enabling integration with various sensor platforms in real time, application of machine learning on real-world data, and application of integrable high-resolution 3D screens through easily manageable human-robotic interfaces.

Innovative product

Impact of the project on the Republic of Croatia

The project will have a direct effect on the Republic of Croatia, since it contributes to: