Software solution

Development of software for contextualization of the industrial environment using mixed reality in energy and transport


Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality

Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) as part of artificial intelligence (AI) are a set of technologies that are in the initial stages of development for business purposes. The number of developed commercial products in this area is still very modest, and even for most of them it can be seen that the stability of their existence and availability on the market is very questionable.
With the advent of 3D technologies, business users have been attracted by the great potential of applying these technologies in everyday business, so they are looking for quality solutions that would give them a competitive advantage in the market. Therefore, many corporations invest heavily in their own development of new solutions, most often without collaboration with the scientific community.

Towards VR/AR/MR solutions in industry

Virtual space management

For the last 10 years, CITUS has been developing applications based on the application of MS Kinect technology, which enables access to 3D objects, but the advent of MS HoloLens technology has created the preconditions for a further step towards VR / AR / MR solutions in the industry The shortcomings of traditional forms of communication between man and computer have directed development towards the creation of a new category of user interface.

The main type of device encountered in VR / AR / MR technologies are specialized glasses that allow the inclusion of additional 3D elements in the field of view. Depending on the complexity and performance, such glasses may include some other advanced components such as stereoscopic video cameras that give partial three-dimensional images of objects in space. This can further create conditions in which it is no longer necessary to have additional controllers to interact with virtual elements, but instead gestures (hand or body movements) are used, which greatly simplifies and facilitates work with such devices.

The option of precise digital detection of body / hand gestures at the right time, and positioning within the VR / AR / MR environment, open the door to complete freedom of management / design of virtual space. This scenario allows the creation, manipulation, updating and visualization of 3D content at the level of physical representation. Intelligent user interface control by combining gestures and voice commands in augmented reality allows freedom to manipulate real objects with your hands.

Project subject

Software solution

The subject of the project is the development of a software solution that will consist of 2 segments:

The main purpose of the software solution is to fill the current gap in the installation, assembly, and maintenance of surveillance systems in various vertical industries (energy, transport, manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding, general security, etc.). Namely, due to the existing technological limitations, there are a number of specific activities (jobs) that can be significantly improved in one of the following ways:

In its final form, the software solution will consist of the following units:

The solution will enable the connection of hardware components


smart glasses

or similar devices

mobile devices included in the 5G network

tablets, cell phones


Innovative product

Our contribution to solving societal challenges

Our innovative product contributes to addressing the major societal challenges identified in the Europe 2020 strategy